It’s been a while…

By |2017-05-18T17:11:29-04:00June 21st, 2009|Blog|

It has been a while since I have put out an update because I have been trying to stay as busy as possible. I have [...]

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I’m like Superman

By |2017-05-18T17:11:29-04:00April 30th, 2009|Blog|

Whenever people hear “ACL surgery” they assume the worst. I know for a long time, an ACL surgery was the end of an athletes career. [...]

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2 Weeks After Surgery

By |2017-05-18T17:11:31-04:00March 20th, 2009|Blog|

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I had ACL Surgery and had my meniscus repaired. I’ve done two rehab sessions this week and have my [...]

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Surgery went well

By |2017-05-18T17:11:31-04:00March 6th, 2009|Blog|

Just woke up a little while ago… I was a Zombie after surgery but feeling aware and awake now. Surgery went well and the doctor [...]

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ACL Surgery

By |2009-02-26T16:41:11-05:00February 26th, 2009|Blog|

Well, it looks like I will be having ACL surgery next week. I have had a history of bad luck with my knees. I have [...]

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