It has been a while since I have put out an update because I have been trying to stay as busy as possible. I have had a healthy dose of X-Box and teaching at my gym to keep me occupied, and time has just been slipping away. Everyone keeps asking about my knee and I am happy to say it’s coming along nicely. Two and a half months after surgery, I was told I was way ahead of schedule but to still be real careful with my knee. I asked how much I could do and was basically told to ease into things and take my time with progression. I have been boxing lightly here and there and have been rolling doing Jiu-Jitsu lightly with people I trust. There is no worse move for me to make than to train with someone spazzy and jerky and risk putting myself back to square 1.

I was running here and there for a bit but I eased off it for a couple weeks while I started to train lightly. That went smooth so I am going to start running again this week while continuing to train. My ACL needs my muscles to be strong and not fatigued so I didn’t want to be trying to start both at once so early. I think my leg is getting strong enough now though that it can handle it.

I think I will be back to training pretty hard in September or October and hopefully fighting around December or January. Rumors are flying on a possible UFC in Boston around that time, so we will see!

I am glad I did blogs on all of my rehab because one of the guys at my gym might be having the same surgery before too long. The blogs will hopefully be a guide for him on what to expect and hopefully make the whole ordeal a little bit easier on him.