This is a summary of all my blogs after my surgery, and what was going on with my recovery. I had an ACL repair and meniscus repair, but I think this will be pretty standard for someone that had either of them. I am doing this now because one of my friends had meniscus surgery today, so wanted to put it all together for him in a nice little package.

Day Of Surgery – I am confused, hate pain meds but love the nerve block.

30 Hours After Surgery – Can’t bear weight, knee is swollen, nerve block wearing off.

5 Days After Surgery – Almost walking with the brace locked out, still tough to let go of counters.

6 Days After Surgery

[Video] My knee is swollen so they drained it with a needle, rehab starts tomorrow.

2 Weeks After Surgery – Walking with the brace locked out, rehab is in full swing.

2 Weeks After Surgery – Starting to walk with brace unlocked, leg doesnt like to straighten.

2.5 Weeks After Surgery –  Walking without the brace, using stationary bike, I’ve lost 14 pounds

3 Weeks After Surgery – Started doing heel lifts

7 Weeks After Surgery – VERY light training, doing lunges, squats, box jumps. Jumped onto a 30″ table.

3 Months After Surgery – I was training pretty hard but VERY light on takedowns and no kickboxing, just boxing.

4.5 Months After Surgery – I break up my dogs from fighting after sprinting across the house. Knee is great.

5 Months After Surgery – Pig Wrangle 2009. If you can catch a pig, you can train.

5.5 Months After Surgery – Clean bill of health, doctor gave the go ahead to do anything I want