Thursday Night
We left Boston on Thursday night and headed for Las Vegas. We got in pretty late so we hit up some late night pizza and went to bed early.

Next Stop: Las Vegas

We had to be up early for some stuff for the new UFC video game and then we went training. After training we went to the weigh-ins and then hit up the Hard Rock and did a little gambling and walking around.

Quick little photoshoot…

Quick little 3D Mapping…

Quick little J-Lau coming to XBox360


We got in a good workout Saturday morning and then went to back to the hotel. Along the way we had to stop for some DELICIOUS In-N-Out Burger after training…

We had great seats for UFC79… they really don’t get any.

Amy + Margaritas = Amy Likes Boobs

AAAAANND…. she’s out.

After the fights we walked around before talking with Jeff and meeting up with him and his brother Greg. We ended up finding our way to MGM and going to Chuck’s after party at Studio 54.

We were out late on Saturday and after training took it easy on Sunday. We basically slept most of the day away. When we finally woke we were starving and had to make a trip to PF Chang’s with The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 star Matt Arroyo.

Mmmmm….. Green Tea.

Matt, Greg, Me, amy, Lauren, Hollywood, Brandon, Natalia

After dinner we went to New York New York to ride the rollercoaster thats on the roof.

Walking to the rollercoaster, Hollywood challenged me at “any game”. After I lost 150 to 140 in Whack-A-Mole, I challenged him to a rematch in another game. Steve plays basketball, I don’t… and I still smoked him in the baskletball game 31 to 14. We tried to find a third game to be the tie breaker. We found a racing game but this one kid sat there playing for a good 20 minutes and we gave up. We will have the tie breaker later… he is going down.

No Hollywood, I will not duel you in Dance Dance Revolution

I had to twist Matt’s arm to get him to train Monday morning (okay, I will be honest… I mentioned training and his eyes lit up like Amy’s on Christmas morning.) and we got a good workout in.

Practing the “quick tap” technique”

Taking Matt’s ACL home with me

Trying to guillotine… but no such luck with that posture

Being lazy and complaining about the air being thin and dry

Watching UFC79

Bunch of degenerates

With Brandon… this is right before I ball tapped him.

Monday Night (New Years Eve)
We went to Cherry which is a night club in Red Rock. We met Giff and a few others there and had a great time.

Even UFC Lightweights enjoy a nice bubble bath…

Domestic abuse at its funniest…

We slept most of the day away and then took a walk through Ceasars

Cool stuff in Caesars…

More cool stuff in Ceasars…

Me, Amy, Joe Lewis

We flew home on Wednesday. Nice little trip to Vegas for some fights and new years.