The Lauzon MMA Water Challenge is something we are doing at my gym for the month of July. Its pretty simple… the goal is to drink 1 gallon of water everyday for 30 days. If you are starting late, that is okay too… but continue on for 30 days after you start.

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Some people will say its easy to get a gallon down while others say its impossible… but if you keep water with you all the time, its very easy. Start drinking right when you wake up. If you slack and wait until later in the day, it will quickly become torture trying to get so much water down. The trick is to drink slowly throughout the day, and the water goes down very easily. It helps me a ton to have a 1L water bottle… because smaller bottles get annoying and larger ones are a pain to carry around. This is the bottle I have, and I drink 4 or more a day.

Be prepared: All that water going in has to come out somewhere, so you will be making FREQUENT trips to the bathroom.

You can still drink whatever else you want in addition to the gallon, but soda/coffee/juice/etc does not count towards your gallon.

Before you start the challenge, check your weight on a good scale and take a picture of yourself. We are going to do the same thing at the end of the month, and you should end up losing weight. Because we are drinking so much water, you won’t be as hungry because your stomach will constantly be filled with water. Without even trying, you will be eating less and feeling more energized. I would bet that your skin will also look younger and healthier as well.