I am flying to Seattle to corner my good friend and training partner Joe Proctor! Seattle is going to be all UFC, all weekend long. As such, I will be I will be guest tweeting for the UFConFOX account starting Thursday tonight. I will be putting all kinds of pictures and random stuff from the back room… so be sure to follow along on my twitter and the UFConFOX twitter.

For every card, I have all kinds of people tweeting at me and asking me about the fights. They want predictions and how I think guys will do. I usually don’t get TOO into it for a couple of reasons. A lot of the fighters are my friends and I hate picking against my friends or saying anything negative about them… so I usually don’t get into it too much. That being said, I know pretty much the entire card so I won’t give straight up predictions but I will give some personal insight that you won’t fight anywhere else.

Proctor vs Ramsey
I lied. I WILL be picking a winner, and its my boy Joe Proctor. Proctor has been one of my secret weapons for years now helping me get ready for my own fights. When I need tough rounds at my gym, Proctor is my go-to guy. I think this fight is mostly a stand up brawl… because Ramsey doesn’t want any piece of proctor on the ground. If it does hit the ground, Proctor submits him. If it stays standing, Proctor puts him away because the kid has been on FIRE lately and hits like a truck.

Diaz vs Henderson
Nate has been my boy since we were on The Ultimate Fighter together… and Ben has always been super friendly too. If I had a fight in Japan that didn’t go so well… which I didn’t, because I would remember something like that… I am sure Ben would have helped lift my spirits the day after. I think that Nate is going to have the boxing advantage and a slight Jiu-Jitsu advantage… while Ben will have the advantage with kicking (and those HUGE legs) and brute strength. Both guys are known for having great cardio… but whoever can pressure the other will be the one to endure in the long run. I think this fight is going to be insane and we will win based on how the first round goes.

BJ vs Rory
Everyone knows that I am always Team Hawaii and Team Penn. BJ is fired up and wants to get one back on Tri-Star… and Rory is going to be the medium. I think Rory has awoken the sleeping giant in BJ. Rory might have the strength advantage, but BJ is the “Cobra Prodigy” and I think he takes his back and chokes him out. You can expect BJ to bust into an infomercial about the Penn Pineapple Plantation in his post fight speech. Hmmm…. Pineapples.

Edwards vs Stephens
Based on past experience with both guys… one things comes to mind about each. I think Jeremy actually likes to get hit… which is scary when you have someone that throws every strike to make you remember all of last summer. And in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse… which IS coming at some point… there is no one else in the UFC I would rather have at my side than Yves. Random? Of course… but its absolutely true.

Assuncao vs Easton
I got beat up by Raphael about 6 years ago and realized cutting to 145 was not for me. I also did a grappling match like 8 years ago against Mike Easton, and after fighting for my life caught him in a foot lock. Luckily for me that day, Mike was jumping up a couple divisions in weight and I was cutting down. I don’t think anyone has as much raw energy as Mike… so I am looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

Cruickshank vs Martinez
I met Cruickshank in Vegas and hung out with him for the week before the TUF Finale. He is out of his mind and has a whole lot of Lyoto Machida in him… and he’s bringing Karate back… which pains me to say because I hate kicking… but its true.

Tell me I am wrong… I dare ya!