All I have been hearing about the last couple days is “Hurricane Sandy is coming!” The storm is just getting to me, and I am already getting a little bit sick of it. I am not usually one to ever worry about storms, but when I keep hearing “Frankenstorm”, “Storm of the century” and “The Perfect Storm” I got a little paranoid and ran out to get water, flash lights and even a generator. The storm will most likely fizzle out and be nothing to worry about for Massachusetts, but I will have stuff for the future. As I was thinking about what I needed though and the kind of situations I could run into… something crept into my mind that most overlooked. Zombie Tornadoes.

On its own the storm is no big deal… but when Hurricane Sandy turns into a huge ass tornado and starts picking up the undead… its an unholy union of living dead crashing through windows and doors at 100mph. So while I have been eagerly awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse, lets hope it holds off for a few days and then I will be ready to embrace it with open arms once again.

For everyone else dealing with Hurricane Sandy, stay safe.