Will you be a living, breathing, fighting billboard for 15 minutes? 

That is typically how sponsorships go in MMA… we get paid for the time we are in the cage, and its more often than not a one-off advertising agreement. “Wear this shirt, get X dollars and then we are done.” This is fine in some cases, but there are better deals to be found and made in some cases. 

We have been fortunate enough to reach a new sponsorship deal with Fear The Fighter for this coming upcoming fight that goes far beyond that. We will be working with FTF with more long term goals and a deeper level of commitment from both sides. This is MUCH better for the fighter and sponsor alike, and should end up working out well for everyone.

How can I show support? 

As part of this new deal with Fear the Fighter, I am directly compensated for every JL Signature shirt that Fear the Fighter sells. So if you would like to support me in my next fight, please buy the walkout shirt shown above!