“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali

Fighting in the UFC is a dream come true. I get to wake up and everyday I have the luxury of focusing 100% on improving myself as a fighter. The pressure is always on to perform but I thrive on that pressure. There is no denying that while I love my job, it can be stressful at times. For months, I get beat up everyday in the gym in hopes that it will pay off in the end and I will win when it counts… on fight night. Seems a little backwards, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes injuries sustained in training are sometimes too great and we don’t all make it to fight night.

Injuries have been plaguing the UFC as of late. Joe Silva, the UFC’s Matchmaker, has been putting together some AMAZING fights but the fighters aren’t quite making it to the cage. It’s not that fighters are suddenly becoming diva’s or choosing not to fight in hopes of exploiting the UFC’s semi-new accident insurance. Fighter’s are training really hard to be at their best so they push themselves to their limits… and in some cases beyond.

Today after one of my workouts, I checked my phone and had a missed call and voicemail. “Mr Lauzon… it’s Joe

[Silva], I don’t usually have good news… give me a call back.” And just like that, I scream a few obscenities at my boxing coach because I know. Terry Etim is out of the fight.

We spent a LOT of time breaking down tape, working VERY specific things for Terry Etim… for the second time. Terry and I were supposed to fight once before at UFC118 in Boston… but he broke his ribs in training and was forced to pull out. For whatever reason… Terry and I are just never going to fight. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope its nothing too serious.

I think we have a replacement, but I am waiting to hear back on exactly who it will be. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag because nothing is finalized… but as soon as I can announce it, I will.