I was supposed to fight Terry Etim once upon a time… in Boston at UFC 118. I trained really hard because I knew it was going to be a tough fight… but the fight didn’t happen. Terry pulled out of the fight with a broken rib and I ended up fighting Gabe Ruediger instead. The stars have aligned though and it looks the fight will happen after all.

Terry Etim is a lanky lightweight over 6 feet tall with a record of 15-4 (4-2 in the UFC) from Liverpool, England. He has a lot of wins by submission and generally uses his “long ass arms” to choke people into submission. While I can’t grow my arms or legs any longer to help deal with him, I will be training like a mad man to try and negate his length and bring the fight to him.

For both of us, this is kind of like deja vu because we have already trained for one another. I liked the fight the first time around, but I really like the fight this time around as I have grown tremendously as an athlete and fighter.

August 4th. Mark your calendar.