I started typing this out for a friend when he asked why I was so excited for MW3, and decided I would just make it into a blog post.

Modern Warfare 3 is built on the MW2 Engine, and will look very familiar and feel very much the same. Quickscoping is back, but a lot of really annoying things like last stand and commando are gone.

New Kill Streaks System. You get to set a killstreak for each one of your classes. There are three kinds: Assault, Support and Specialist. You have to choose all of you streaks from one class… there is no mixing and matching.

Assault – These are the killstreaks we know and love. You get kills, and the counter resets when you die. These are going to be the destructive killstreaks that actually kill people. Just like in MW2, a killstreak will help you get to your next killstreak (think Predator getting your Harrier, and then Harrier getting your pavelow for example).

Support – These are going to be your UAV, Counter-UAV, blackbird, EMP, etc type killstreaks. Unlike the Assault killstreaks, these don’t reset when you die. If you are like me and constantly jumping on flags and killing people but also dying a lot, you will love these. When you reach your highest streak, the counter then resets and you start working for them all over again.

Specialist – These are extra perks rewarded for getting kills. You choose the perks you are rewarded just like you would select your killstreaks… and you get one perk at 2 kills, another at 4 kills, another at 6 kills and then you get all of the perks at 8 kills. You become a much more efficient killer, but you aren’t rewarded with anything for your kills after the additional perks.

Weapon Proficiencies. Your weapons will level up, just like you as a solider does. There are a number of upgrades that will happen to weapons as you use them more like: less recoil, deep impact, longer range, multiple attachments, reduced flinch, longer breath hold and faster recovery from melee. Gold camo is back too, and will only be available for a weapon when you have maxed it out. So if you bump into someone with gold camo… you know they have a LOT of experience with that particular weapon.

Prestiging. When you prestige now, you get some kind of currently or points to use. You go into the prestige shop and you get to buy what you want with your points. If you like extra classes, you can buy those. If you don’t care about extra classes but want some kind of extra gear, you can get that. Maybe you want double XP or double weapon XP… you could buy those. Maybe you are better now, but have horrible stats when you first started. So you could also do a full stats reset and get your kill to death or win ratio high.

Classes. Classes can be managed and shared with iPhone and Android apps, or through an online browser. Rather then telling your friend about a certain load out you use for the Famas, you could just send it to them and they get it in one nice package.

I need to get blogging again.