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It’s great to be known as a finisher. I love coming out of the gate like a bat out of hell and overwhelming people. As a fan, I love to be left in shock and awe over someone just absolutely laying waste to someone. As a fighter, I always aim to be that guy… but it’s important to get the win as well.

For every fight camp and subsequent trip… there is one goal in mind. Get the win. It’s pretty clear once the fight is over, if the last several months have been a success or a failure.

In November, I fell short. I wanted to go out and put on a great show… but adrenaline got the best of me and I faded hard. Fortunately, it was an exciting fight and we were the fight of the night. I still went home with a loss though which always makes us examine where we went wrong.

For me, fight camp is an always evolving process… and we changed things up a lot for this one. While this past November was a failure, I write this blog today on the heels of a very successful camp and trip.

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I find myself saying “we” a lot after fights… and its not really something I try to say, it just happens. There are a LOT of people involved in getting me ready for a fight. I am the one that has to go out there and perform, but the hay is already in the barn by the time we get there.

Steve Maze, Joe Pomfret, Steve Baccari, Chris Palmquist, Brandon Chase, Kyle Holland, Ben Pittsley, Josh Grispi, Joe Proctor, Tony Ellison, JP White, Jimmy Collins, Travis Stevens, Tom Lawlor, Josh Koenig, all of Team Aggression at Lauzon MMA and countless others all came together and helped me get ready for this. I can’t thank you all enough.

I want to thank my sponsors for this fight too: Sprawl Fight Shorts, Punch Drunk Gamer, Microtech, Dethrone, Ammo To Go, Training Mask and MMA Warehouse.

Tom Lawlor, Kyle Holland, Travis Stevens after a workout at MBSC -

The whole week of the fight, we did a ton of video blogging… so if you want to check those out, they are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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