I have a Renaissance Bulldog and want to get him a friend to play with. My parents have had boxers since I was a little kid and my brother breeds them, but I don’t know of any amstaff breeders in the area. I asked my brother and he wasn’t sure off hand but was going to look into it… but figured I could go and search myself.

I am in Bridgewater, MA… which is just about 30 minutes south of Boston. I understand I might have to travel a bit to find a good breeder… but I am looking for options. I know there is a HUGE difference between finding a breeder that is just close and finding a quality breeder with a good bloodline, that does health testing, etc.

I was told to look into the Tacoma or Ruffian line… as both were quality.

Here are a few pictures of "Bruschi"

Thanks in advance for any help!