Ever had someone look at you like you were so full of crap they didn’t even want to call you on it? That happened to me today.

I went to see The Expendables and before heading in, I was waiting for some of my friends to show up. As a couple arrived, we started talking about how Noguiera was out against Mir but Cro Cop was stepping in as a replacement. We then started talking about UFC 118 and how my training was going. We moved onto talking about Kenny and Gray and then Marcus and Nate. The ticket collector was kind of listening in and when we handed him our tickets he pointed to the UFC 118 poster and goes “Are you guys going to come in and watch the fights on the big screen?”

I go “I’m actually fighting on that card and will be there.”

He goes “oh right… I am sure. Enjoy your movie.”

I just froze for a second and was thinking “dammit!” There was no way he believed me. He thought I was one of those guys that is pulling the “I do UFC” thing all the time. I felt completely owned… but thats how it goes I guess.

While I felt like a tool before I was even into my seat, the movie was awesome. Don’t go into the movie with high expectations of this amazing story line and complex plot. If you want something complex, go see Inception. If you want to see guys get torn to pieces, shot up, burned, smashed and dismembered: this is the movie for you. I honestly can’t tell you how many times I was freaking out in my seat over something crazy that happened as I was screaming “did that just happen?!”

On top of the the action sequences being so amazing, you still cared about each of the characters. Everyone had their own time to shine throughout the movie which I really liked. The movie delivers all the way around in what you are hoping for. No self respecting guy is going to dislike this one.

I heard Scott Pilgrim vs the World was great too… so hoping to see that one this coming week.