It’s been floating around the internet (it seems) since the day I signed the contract. I was told to stay quiet about it though so I didn’t post anything online until now. I am fighting Terry Etim at UFC 118 in Boston, MA.

Terry Etim is a super tough opponent from England with great standup and a ton of wins by submission. While I am 5-2 in the UFC, Terry is 5-3. I am coming off a loss to Sam Stout, but Terry has a win over him. He has the slight edge in experience in the UFC and beat the guy I just lost to.

I am over 2 months out though and already feeling like twice the fighter I was back in January… so I will definitely be ready. I have drastically shaken up my training regiment and enlisted some outside help for this fight. Every time I fight I set out to take it to the next level and that’s what you are going to see this time out.

I am pumped to be fighting back at home in my own backyard. No traveling involved. No climate or elevation or anything like that to adjust to. I am excited to be able to fight in front of a hometown crowd once again. This is going to be my 20th fight in Massachusetts, but it’s been over 4 years since my last. It’s been far too long.

The UFC is also bringing their Fan Expo to town as well. I missed their last expo, but I was at the first in Las Vegas and it was awesome. I am sure the UFC will be flying out all kinds of fighters and sponsors will be doing the same. There will be a ton of different booths from just about every gear and apparel company you can think of. It’s going to be an awesome time.

I wasn’t aware, but says you can watch my fight on Spike TV. Thats a huge bonus because I love fighting on Spike and this just means that many more people will be able to watch my fight. Hopefully I can do my best to put on an exciting fight against a dangerous opponent and come out with the win.