When I was on the Ultimate Fighter, I met Allen “Monstah Lobstah” Berube and all he did was rant and rave about this guy from back home “Matty”. Allen was convinced he would be perfect for the show. Sure enough, Allen got him into the house for season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter. I’ve had the opportunity to train with Matt on a number of occasions and he is just nasty. Every time I train with Matt or his coach Rob Kahn, I come away with a new outlook on something and a few new tricks that I can instantly add to my game. So I am flying in Arroyo to come out and help me with some of my own training, but also having him put on a small seminar at my school.

Few highlights on Matt..

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rob Kahn (who is a Royce Gracie Black Belt himself)
The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 Competitor
3x UFC Veteran
Has been doing 1 or more monthly privates with Marcello Garcia for a while now.

Rob and Matt both have a style of teaching where you can instantly add their components to your own game. Come on down, take the seminar and do some training. This will be a no gi seminar focused on grappling.