I came home from Hawaii last weekend and thought I would have some time to settle into things and get back to a normal schedule. I couldn’t have been more off though. Here is a short summary of my LONG week…

I came home Saturday and spent most of Sunday adjusting to the time difference and catching up with everything I had missed in the 3 weeks prior.

Monday: Back to normal training. I ran the day class at my gym and got some good time in rolling. I went to the night class to train but ended up just seeing everyone and talking about Hawaii. I worked with Matt Perry and went over a bunch of the things I learned in Hilo.

Tuesday: Was at the gym from 830am until about 330pm fixing the cage up. We had to lift the whole cage to fix the padding under it. Was back at the gym by 6pm and trained until about 9pm.

Wednesday: Up at 8am and looking at houses in the area. I am trying to buy a house so the search is on. Had plans to go out for my parent’s 30th anniversary, but it got scrapped and we are going out tonight (Sunday). Was still a late night.

Thursday: Up at 5am and going all day. Had a lot to do in the morning, then spent the whole day in the sauna for Jimmy Collins and Joe Proctor. They both had to make 155 and 160 Thursday night for Friday fights. They made weight and we went and grabbed dinner after. Didn’t get home until like 10pm.

Friday: Another sauna day for JP, Evan and Brett. We were in the sauna from 12 until 6 because Brett was a little but late and had a big cut. We ran from the sauna to weigh-ins for them… and then right to the fights for Proctor and Jimmy. Jimmy won a unanimous decision and laid a beating on his opponent… who almost caught him in an armlock. He hung tough though and kept composure and worked his way out. Joe Proctor showed everyone how he is in the gym. He has been a little hesitant in his fights in the past… but I think those days are behind us. He finished his guy in the first.

Saturday: I trained in the morning until about 2pm… then grabbed lunch, showered and headed down to Plymouth for the second fight night of the weekend. There was 23 fights… and we had number 1, 6, and 20. We knew it was gonna be a long night… but this was ridiculous. Evan got dropped with a right hand when we thought he was going to have the standup advantage and then he heel hooked the kid. Not the outcome we were expecting, but we will take it. JP had a tough fight against a New England finalist wrestler. JP’s fight was supposed to be at 140… but there was confusion on the weight and it was changed to 145… and then his opponent came in at 148. The kid was WAY bigger than JP who was walking at 142. JP basically got held down for 3 rounds but tried like hell. Rounds 1 and 3 ended with JP going for close Kimuras, but he can out of time and lost a decision. It sucks to lose, but it was an amateur fight and it was all about gaining experience which he did. Brett won his fight in the 2nd round with a read naked choke. It was a good fight back and forth and it wasn’t pretty… but he got it done. I got home late again… and most of the week is over.

Sunday: I am going to dinner for my parent’s 30th anniversary and then… finally… it’s Xbox time. MW2 all night long at my house. Everyone will bring their TVs and Xbox’s and we will play until people start complaining about work tomorrow. Not this guy though!