I was a Windows guy forever. I worked for my High School while I was a student and they made classes for me to help them with fixing computers, working on the network and other things like that. I used to HATE Macs which I worked with on a daily basis. All I did was talk trash on them to my boss, who loved Macs. Today I am less ignorant and I am 100% a Mac guy… and here is why.

I am going to be making up numbers, figured, etc because I am trying to demonstrate a point. I am sure there are technical articles out there for those looking for them… I am trying to put it into plain english.

Macs don’t get spyware or viruses. For the average computer owner, this is the most important reason and why I suggest Macs to most people. Most people are using Windows, so people that make viruses focus on those people. Why focus on 10% of the available computers out there (Macs) when you can go after 90% of them (Windows). Same with spyware… those days are over. I never got a virus on a windows machine that only I used, because I was very familiar and knew what to do and what not to do. The same can’t be said for someone like my Aunt Marie who knows her way around Excel a little bit, but calls me when her mouse stops working or her internet stops working. For people less familiar, this is a HUGE part of it.

Because there are no viruses and no spyware, there is no need for anti virus software. Now this can you save you money (although you can find some anti virus software for free) and also speed of the computer. Again, I am going to make up a number to demonstrate a point. If you have a windows machine that is 2.0 (the “speed” of the computer”) and it has to run a bloated anti virus software that has to scan everything, double check every process, etc… it can cripple your speed and slow your machine way down because of all the extra work. Your 2.0 is now more like a 1.3 because of the need for anti virus. Your RAM or “memory” could be say 1024. It has to do a lot more too because of antivirus software as well.

Speed and RAM works like this. Say you have a water hose. The “speed” is the pressure, and the RAM is the size of the hose itself (volume). If you have to fill up a pool, you want the highest speed and the highest volume. So you don’t want to lose pressure of move down to a smaller hose. In the same way, you don’t want to lose resources on your computer when you are trying to get something done. Ditch the anti virus and get a Mac.

The downsides people always complain about are how they are used to their windows machine and won’t know what to do with a Mac. Trust me when I say this, you will not only like the Mac better in a week, but you will wonder why everyone doesn’t get a mac because its set up much better and easier to use. I have converted quite a few people. There is a VERY slight learning curve, but its easy.

In the past 4 years… I have converted a lot of people I personally know to Macs.

My brother Dan has a MacBookPro.
My brother Steve has a MacBookPro.
My sister has a MacBook.
My Dad has a MacBookPro (his first computer and he can’t use the VCR. He loves it now.)
MY Mom has a Mac (she had no idea about computers either. Is on it nonstop now)
Rudy Valentino (BJ’s kickboxing coach, my couch on TUF… has a MacBookPro).
Guido (you should all know Guido) has a MacBook.

I have converted a few others, but I am drawing a blank on who they are… I get hit in the head a lot. Every single person has told me they love the machine, never have problems with spyware, never have problems with viruses and the machine just works… right out of the box.

It will cost you a little more up front, but it will last you a LOT longer. I used to get a new laptop every 8 to 10 months because it would be too slow for me. My last MacBookPro I had for over 3 years and it was still fast enough… I had just been dying to get a new one and it just wouldn’t die on its own.

For a normal user, there is identical software counterparts on a Mac that there is a windows machine. Office, Word, Excel, etc is all the same and converts fine. Some companies very specific and specialized software that can be tough… but you can always set up Windows on your mac too! (Not getting into that… but google VMWare Fusion).

In Summary:

  • No viruses.
  • No spyware.
  • No need for anti virus
  • You won’t lose speed/resources because you have to run antivirus
  • Easy learning curve. Well organized.
  • Costs more up front, but lasts a lot longer
  • Software and compatibility is the same
  • Get a Mac. You will not be sorry.

    And props to Brandon Chase for converting me… seeing as how he just whined to me about it on his twitter. He is the man… super smart… like a human google… and despite me mocking him about his Mac non-stop… he converted me to a Mac guy.