Here are my picks and whatnot. Let me know what you think… what you agree on… what you disagree on, etc…

Elvis Sinosic vs Chris Haseman – I want to make an immediate “Have a seat over there” joke about how closely Chris Haseman looks like Chris Hansen… but I will refrain. Or did I? Anyways. I am eagerly looking forward to the “King of Rock N Runble” making his return to the UFC. Elvis has had a ROUGH career in the UFC but he is an awesome fighter and I love to watch him fight. He always has exciting fights and has been in there with a lot of tough fighters. I am going with Elvis by TKO.

Cro Cop vs Ben Rothwell – Right Leg hospital. Leg leg cemetary. Rothwell is a monster but I see Cro-Cop picking away at him because he introduces his shin to Rothwells face. Rothwell has a ton of experience and a great record (30-7 or something) but I just see this as the return of the old Cro-Cop. Going with Cro-Cop by TKO.

Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos – Joe Daddy is always super impressive. Good boxing, great wrestling, slick Jiu-JItsu and he isn’t afraid to go for things. Chokes, leg locks, kneebars, you name it he uses them. Sotiropoulos always impresses me with a great ground game as well. Smooth transitions and he is aggressive! However… I think that Joe Daddy’s anti-wrestling and hands will control the pace of the fight. Joe Daddy by TKO.

Vandelei SIlva vs Michael Bisping – I didn’t see the video… but I heard there were fireworks at the press conference yesterday. I heard Bisping said something along the lines of it being an “easy fight”… or “easy to beat Vanderlei” or something. I like to watch Bisping fight, but I think in his fight with Henderson he proved he didn’t have a ton of power in his strikes… so I am going with the Axe Murderer. Vanderlei is scared of no one and will go blow for blow with anyone. The guy is more than part caveman and while some question his chin, I just don’t see Bisping hurting him. Vanderlei by KO.

Noguiera vs Velasquez – Nog vs Cain is going to be a sick fight. Nog has slick boxing and Jiu-Jitsu and Cain has great wrestling. I think Cain is building momentum while Nog is losing some… but still going with Nog by Submission. I see an anaconda choke or something coming.