I have been working on my site during my downtime between training sessions. I used to have an email list with like 5,000 people on it, and it worked well for letting people know when I put out updates. I use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc, but a lot of people don’t use those so I didn’t have a way of letting them know about updates. So I decided to bring the mailing list back. Unfortunately, I have to start back at square 1 without any subscribers. So if you want to know about updates on here, please subscribe in the box below. You will receive at most 1 email a day letting you know about updates on my site. If I don’t update on a day (which is most days) you won’t even see an email from me.

This is the order of events…

1) Put your email in below

2) Confirm your email with a Capcha thing… will say a word and you type it back in.

3) Check your email… and confirm.

4) Get updates in your email. (You can unsubscribe at any time)


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