Every fight I get asked about my picks for fights… so I am going to TRY and start posting short blogs on fights and who I think will win. Sometimes I am dead on, but most of the time I am way off. I want to hear who you guys think will win too though… so let me know what you think about my picks.

Phillipe Nover vs Rob Emerson – I got to train with Rob Emerson a good amount on the Ultimate Fighter because we were on the same team. Rob is a BAD man but has troubles pulling the trigger sometimes. I think he will be WAY too strong for Nover though and will have no problem trading all night long. I am going with Emerson by TKO.

Matt Serra vs Frank Trigg – Two more guys that I love to watch fight. Trigg usually stays a little more composed while Serra is a ball of energy and swings for the fences. I am going with Serra by TKO.

Demian Maia vs Dan Miller – I love to watch both Demian and Dan Miller fight because they are both slick grapplers and always pulling off some slick submission. However, I think Demian is better at Dan’s biggest strength, which is grappling. Expect a stellar ground fight or a slow tap and go kickboxing match. I see Demian pulling out the decision.

Mike Swick vs Paula Thiago – This is going to be a great fight. Paula Thiago beat Koscheck, then lost to Fitch… so it’s time for Swick to put AKA up one. I am going with Swick by swickatine!

Nate Marquardt vs Chael Sonnen – I am sure some of you saw the video on MixedMartialArts.com of GSP training wrestling with Nate. I think the only advantage Chael has is his wrestling, and I don’t think he will have an easy time getting Nate down. And even if he does take him down, Chael is not the best finisher. Nate is a monster though and I think he will win by TKO.

Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman – This is definitely a wrestler vs wrestler fight, but I think Couture has the dominant skills in every other facet of the game. I think what will win him the fight more than anything else though, is taking care of his body much better throughout his life. We never see Randy out of shape so I am going with Couture by Decision.

What are YOUR picks?