To begin with, you should add my Facebook FAN page.

I get a lot of messages on Facebook and through email about why I don’t add people to my personal Facebook page. Typically when I get a friend request from someone that isn’t an actual friend, I send them a copy-and-pasted message asking them to join my fan page. Most people appreciate the fact I take the time to message them. Some give me the “uh, no thanks” or just don’t do it. It’s not me being uppity, its a numbers limitation.

I used to accept everyone and I hit the max of 5,000 friends pretty quick. Then I had like 2,000 people waiting to be friends and sending me messages on why I hadn’t accept them yet. Got to the point where to add people I actually knew, I had to delete random people from my page… which in turn got people upset.

So… I started the fan page which has no limit. Removed every single friend from my personal account and started new. Now when I get friend requests, I spend a GOOD amount of time copying and pasting that message to everyone and denying requests. Right now I have about 100 people that sent me requests, and I just went through last weekend.

Everything that gets posted on my normal page goes to my fan page anyways…. and I still respond to people on there. Trust me, I would MUCH rather just hit “Accept All” on friend requests.