Great job Sam. You whooped my ass tonight. I thought I had the Kimura in the first round and thought it was over… but you had other plans. Your standup was crisp and your cardio was way better than mine. I could hear your corner calling out stuff and still couldn’t deal with it.

I am doing fine this morning. I have a pretty nasty canvas burn on my right knee from shooting in… but I feel okay otherwise. My left eye is a little swollen and my left leg feels like I was kicked about 50 times. Overall… I am doing alright.

Great job Sam.

(the Fight of the night bonus check is making my leg feel a LOT better, hah.)

Congrats to Cole Miller too. You fought a great fight and pulled out a slick submission (Cole got Submission of the night). Congrats man.

At least I ended the night on a good note with some In-N-Out…