First of all… you better be following me on Twitter because this is going to be a first come first serve speed thing.

So here is the deal… I have 10 tickets to give away. I know I had said before that I was going to give away pairs… but I have 10 singles… which I will give away in 5 pairs. The tickets won’t be together, but they will be close to each other… and they are good tickets.

I am going to post a location around MGM and then a picture of one of the guys from my camp that will be waiting there with 1 pair of tickets. First person that gets to them and says a specific phrase gets the tickets. I will include the picture of the person and the phrase on my twitter… so you better be following. It’s first come first serve…. sorry if you get there second.

Going to give away all the tickets between now and when weigh-ins start.