I am going to be giving away tickets to the my fight at UFC108. I have around 50 people coming out to Vegas with me for the fight, and I bought a few extra tickets for those people that decided to come last minute. I knew I would have some tickets left though and I am planning to give them away on Twitter. Which is good for you, provided you follow my twitter.

Here are the details… or lack there of.

How Many? – I don’t know how many tickets I will be giving away. I do know they will be in sets of two (and maybe one set of three if I have an odd number). Somewhere between 4 and 10 tickets is my best guess.

When will they be given away? – I don’t know when I will be giving them away. It will definitely be the week of the fight, so it will most likely be for people in the Vegas area. The first ones will be in the form of some kind of online contest so anyone that can drive will have a chance at them (I am looking at you people in Cali, Arizona, etc). When I start seeing lots of people around the hotel, I will start giving them away in person. This will most likely be Friday around weigh-ins or maybe Saturday morning.

If you have any other questions, ask in a comment and I will update this page.