E. BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (Dec. 10, 2009) – Ten months after undergoing knee surgery to repair his ACL, UFC lightweight contender Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon (18-4, 5

[T]KOs, 13 submissions) returns to The Octagon against veteran Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout (14-5-1, 8 [T]KOs, 1 submission) on the January 2nd UFC 108 pay-per-view show, live from MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Lauzon, star of The Ultimate Fighter 5 television reality show, is 5-1 in the UFC, highlighted by his stunning UFC debut victory against Jens Pulver (KO1) in 2006. The 25-year-old Brazilian Jui-Jitsu specialist from Massachusetts, who has a computer networking degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, is anxious to get back into action. His last fight was February 7 when he defeated Jeremy Stephens by second round submission (flying heel hook for “Submission of the Night”).

Lauzon-Stout is a classic match-up of contrasting styles, which should translate into an entertaining fight for fans. Lauzon prefers to use his techniques on the mat, while Stout wants to stand and brawl.

“I’m looking forward to fighting Stout,” Lauzon said. “I’ve had a long layoff but I’ve also had a lot of fights, so it’s no big deal (long layoff) other than it’s on pay per view and in Las Vegas. Now, though, it’s just another day at work for me. I’m comfortable fighting and don’t stress out at all. Sam Stout is very tough and a good stand-up fighter. He’s much better than his record (3-4 in UFC) may indicate. This fight will be determined by which fighter dictates where the fight takes place. If I put him on the ground, it’s good for me but, if we stand like he wants, it’ll be tougher for me.”

Joe usually works the corner for his younger brother, Danny, who was the youngest UFC fighter ever. But on Jan. 2 Joe will be fighting on the same card as Danny, only one or two matches after Danny. “I’ll be watching his fight (vs. Cole Miller) in the locker room on television,” Joe explained. “Win or lose, I can’t get too high or too low about his fight because I have to fight after him, and I don’t want to use-up crucial energy. I’m hoping he knocks out his opponent in the first round because it’ll be easier on me. I’ll be ready either way it turns out.

“It’s going to be weird fighting on the same show as my brother. It’s the first time brothers have fought on the same UFC show, too. We fought on the same (non-UFC) card in his pro debut, the same night I won the 8-man tournament (WFL Tournament in 2006). It’s pretty cool but weird.”

Spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, however, won’t be a distraction for Joe, who never has problems making weight. “It won’t bother me at all,” Joe concluded. “I’ll probably play some poker in the hotel room or walk the strip. I’m anxious to fight and wouldn’t mind if it was this weekend instead of Jan. 2.”