I had my 5 month followup today with Dr. Pavlovich today. I was originally supposed to see him on Wednesday but ended up switching it to today. I had forgotten all about it until about 3am last night. I was in the middle of killing Nazi Zombies playing Call of Duty on Xbox and my phone started beeping at me about my 8:30am appointment! Ughhhh. Needless to say, 7:30 came way too fast.

I met with one of his Physician Assistants and she checked over my knee first. Range of motion was slightly limited by a few degrees, but she said thats normal and it might get better in time. The new ACL felt strong though and there was no fluid or pain in my knee.

I have been training on it pretty hard for the last few weeks and its held up pretty well. I have been grappling hard, hitting mitts and working a lot of technique stuff. At first it was swelling up on me whenever I used it, but thats stopped now. I have still been icing it after, but things have gone pretty smoothly. I know it’s not 100% for fight conditions, but I would put it around 85%. Considering a few months ago I was struggling to get my leg to lift off my bed, I will take it. I am pretty amazed at how far my knee has come in such a short time.

After the PA gave me the once over, Dr. Pavlovich came and checked the same things and said it seemed good. He gave me a clean bill of health but said “You don’t measure pain like a normal person” and told me to listen to my body and not to rush things. I told him what I had been doing and I was going to pick it up a little more. I asked him if fighting in January or so was reasonable and he said it definitely was. We had talked about January before but it was nice to hear it from him at this point.

Sooooo…. hopefully I will be back in action come January.