Yesterday we had planned to go to a BBQ but ended up not going. So like 10 of us went to Fire and Ice in Providence last night and then met another 10 people at Dave and Busters. Both places are at the providence place mall, so it worked out well and by the end of the night there were almost 20 of us hanging out and having a good time.

One of my friends, that we will call “Dempsey”, was with us last night. Guillermo scouted out the best looking girl in the place (we will call her Christine) and pointed Dempsey in her direction. Dempsey walks over and starts talking to Christine and it seems to be going well. Turns out she is there for a bachelorette party with a bunch of other girls.

Things seem to be going well and Dempsey and Christine are hitting it off. They are playing video games and Dempsey goes and buys her a drink. They end up playing Mario Kart or something and our group of 20 has crossed paths with their bachelorette party a little bit and small talk starts. Ric Flair (no, not the real Ric Flair) starts talking to the bachelorette and asks why they are at Dave and Busters instead of going to a bar or club or whatever. She goes, “My sister Christine is only 17, so she couldn’t get in anywhere else.”

Oh boy. Everyone starts texting Dempsey saying she is 17, but he isn’t paying attention to his phone. So I suggest plan B… we get one of the girl’s that are with us to go over to Dempsey and say “Hunny let’s go, we have got to get back to the kids”. It will be funny to us and Dempsey will be saved.

Ric Flair has a way better idea: lets find a little kid to deliver the same kind of message. Now little kids are kept out unless they are with their parents so even though its an arcade, its like 11:00 and there are no kids to be found. We search high and low and finally find a little kid that would be perfect. We ask his dad if its okay and he is in tears laughing and all for it. We tell them we will pay the little kid 5 dollars to go and tug on Dempsey’s sleeve and say “Dad, lets go! Mom is waiting in the car!”

We point out Dempsey and all hide and the kid put on the PERFECT performance. Dempsey starts with “who paid you to do this?!” and the kid kept the thing going. Christine just puts down the gun to the game they were playing and walks away as Dempsey has the most embarassed look on his face.

We all die laughing and Dempsey comes over saying he wasn’t even mad… he was impressed… and he realized we got him out of a jam once we told him she was 17. I guess she was saying she were 19 or something. The kids performance was so good that Dempsey said he was thinking to himself “do I really have a kid?” We were so impressed with the kid, he ended up getting over 20 dollars because everyone just kept walking up giving him more and more money.