A bunch of the guys from my gym went to Dave and Busters last night. For those that don’t know, D&B is a bar/restaurant/arcade. We went and grabbed some dinner and then hit up games for a few hours. Early in the night April did the Spin-N-Win and won a thousand tickets. She was all pumped and we were too… because it was like her 5th play and she had so many tickets they had to reload the machine.

In comes Lorenzo who says he is pretty good at these machine. On his third turn, he hits for a thousand. His next third turn, hits for another thousand. And on his next third turn, yet another 1000. We chalk it up to amazing luck… except that he did it about 30 times out of maybe 100 tries.

And here he is gathering tickets…

Absolutely ridiculous. He ended up with 30,000 tickets. He bought a bluetooth headset, a Frappe maker and stashed away the other 21,000 tickets because he plans to go back and get a Nintendo DS for 38,000.