Here is a quick video blog of the WWE Backlash event we went to last week.

Fred has a friend that facebooked him and asked if he wanted front row WWE tickets. We were supposed to be at the venue at 6 sharp because we supposedly had great seats and were going in the back. Around 7:30 everyone had already filled the venue and we were still outside. Someone from the WWE came out and told us what the deal was.

In reality, we were “seat fillers”. We had “home base seats” (which were last row on the floor so we couldn’t see anything. Easily the worst seats in the whole place.) that we sat in until someone told us to move and we would go and fill in seats that were empty. WWE doesn’t want any empty seats shown on TV, so they have people jump around and fill seats and exchange they get in for free. When the real owners of the seats come back, you go back to your home base seats. Luckily we didn’t get called on to move around, but Fred lost some major points on this one. The only upside is we will have ammo against Fred for years to come.