in UFC Undisputed 2009. If you have an XBox 360, you need to download the new demo for the upcoming UFC game. It is absolutely awesome. When I first heard I was going to be in a Video Game, I was pretty excited. To a video game addict like me, thats truly “making it” so to speak. Then I started thinking about it and what if the game wasn’t all that good? It would still be great to be in a game, but not that cool. Luckily, the demo was amazing.

There are going to be 80 fighters in the full game, but the demo only allows you to play as Shogun or Chuck Liddell. You can either play against the computer or a friend. Its entirely different than the normal button mashing game I was expecting. I was thinking it would be like the old Wrestlemania 2000 game on Nintendo 64 that I wasted so many hours playing. The gameplay is actually pretty deep though. There is a lot going on at once and there is a lot of strategy involved.

Chuck and Shogun are both strikers so for the demo, the emphasis is on striking obviously. You don’t normally see a lot of submissions from either guy in their fights so the submission game is pretty sparing in the demo as well. They are still there, but the majority of matches end by KO or TKO.

Chuck is rated slightly higher than Shogun, but it seems like a huge jump. Chuck has one punch KO power with almost everything he throws and has better wrestling. Shogun is quicker and has a better ground game.

I played for 40 minutes last night with Greg, about 2 hours today with Jared and then about an hour and a half playing with Chris and Lorenzo. I am still dying to keep playing. If I can get this much enjoyment out of playing with 2 characters, I can’t imagine playing with 80 fighters plus my own custom created character.

Go download the free demo on XBox live, right now.