I have been playing a lot of XBox 360 lately… and to be honest, I suck. I’m not very good, but its fun running around killing Nazi Zombies. I occasionally kill someone in Call of Duty when I catch then by surprise scratching their face as I run around a corner. Regardless of how good or bad I am, its just relaxing and I have fun playing with my friends.

Now I think I am pretty accessible… between this site, my facebook, myspace, email, etc… but I am not going to add fans on XBox Live. I was debating it, but then I get messages from people telling me I suck because I won’t add them and then they start sending me messages asking for tips on fighting because they are an upcoming fighter. I don’t mind helping people out, but first of all thats a pretty open question and secondly I am sitting there trying to play Xbox and relax. I might as well just post my cell phone so you guys can call and text me all day long.

Point being… talk to me on here, myspace, facebook, etc… and I will answer all kinds of questions or whatever. But do not come between a guy and his video games.