I watch movies and TV shows all the time. I am definitely a movie junkie and Chris has turned me onto a lot of TV shows. I can watch terrible movies and be entertained pretty easily… Army of Darkness anyone? A lot of times when I am training I don’t have that much time to watch because I don’t have such big blocks of free time. Seeing as how much free time I’ve had lately, I have been catching up.

Gonna hit up movies first…

I saw Monsters vs Aliens yesterday at the theatre… absolutely an awesome movie. DreamWorks produces quality and this was just another example. If you haven’t seen it, make some time and go. I saw it on a digital projection screen yesterday but I am going to go and see it in IMAX too.

Fast and Furious comes out tomorrow. I thought the first Fast and the Furious was awesome, but the others were definitely lacking. They brought back the original cast though and I bet its awesome. As an added bonus, its worth seeing just because Paul Walker is in it… and he actually trains in Jiu-Jitsu. Gotta support guys that train.

Moving onto TV…

I used to never see TV shows because they are ALWAYS on when I was at the gym. I usually train from like 630 or 7 until 930 or so. By the time I shower and get home its 10 or 10:30 and everything is over. DVR is my best friend though and lets me watch everything. OnDemand has been great too for catching up.

Dexter. Dexter is on Showtime and is pretty awesome. In a nut shell, Dexter is a serial killer that only kills “bad people”. Criminals that get off on technicalities and that he thinks will hurt people again. The interesting part is that Dexter works in the homicide division crime lab and specializes in blood splatter. So he sees murder scenes all day long and has a unique perspective into what happened. He also knows how to cover his own tracks. There have been maybe 3 seasons and the show is awesome.

Weeds. Another great show! There have been 4 seasons so far. Its basically about a single mom that starts selling weed to make some money on the side. As time goes on she starts making a lot more money and expands her operation. She starts getting other people to sell under her, grow her own weed and gets into all kind of trouble. I don’t want to give too much away but you should see it.

Heroes. I watch this every week… one of the few shows thats on right now that I watch. Its basically about people with powers. Some want normal lives and want to be left alone, some want to kill others, some want world domination. It’s kind of fun to just suspend disbelief and watch. They leave a good cliffhanger with nearly every episode and you are always waiting for next weeks show. Its not for everyone, but its pretty good.

Dollhouse. This is hit or miss I think. I didn’t like the first few episodes but I could see they were taking their time setting up for down the line. Its only maybe 6 or 7 episodes into the first season but its shaping up pretty good. There is a lot going on you don’t quite understand yet, so I am hooked for now. And… its got Eliza Dushku in it. Could be worse…

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Who doesn’t love terminator? Last few episodes were really good… and its getting me by until the Terminator Salvation movie comes out May 21 (Day before my Birthday, FYI).

Breaking Bad. This show is in A&E. Its about a high school chemistry teacher who has lung cancer and doesn’t want to leave his family with enormous medicals bills. He does the only logical thing: starts cooking up meth and corners the local market with the best quality stuff. It’s in its first season but its pretty good.

True Blood. This show is my favorite as of late. Its about a world where Vampires (and other “monsters”) are real and accepted. It doesn’t follow all of the Vampire laws and says some are myths put out by the vampires, but its good. Good mix of blood, death, sex, fighting, monsters and Anna Paquin.

I’m told this season of South Park has been amazing, but my DVR wasn’t set up to record them. I caught “The Coon” episode, which was awesome, but have missed the others. Will have to catch up.

I heard the Wolverine: Origins movie got leaked online. Its all over the news websites. As much as I am dying to see the movie, I heard the special effects aren’t done. Its a workprint or something and not finished. I would stay away if I were you… I don’t think it would ruin the movie but it is worth waiting to see a finished and polished product.

I know… way to much time on my hands.