I was basically stuck in my room for the last month and a half. I couldn’t even get around the house for a while and I definitely couldn’t go outside the house without help. Just walking was pretty slow and difficult and driving was completely out of the question.

I know I was driving everyone crazy around the house because I was just in a crappy mood and pretty depressed. I went from training a couple times a day 6 days a week to laying in bed unable to do anything for myself. I made it into the gym to hang out and see people, but couldn’t show anything or do a whole lot. More or less, I lost who I was. Who wouldn’t be down and depressed?

Everything has definitely taken an up turn in the last few days though. Luckily, I am walking without the brace at all and able to drive. I can’t do everything that I want, but at least I am more than half a person now.

In rehab we are still doing lots of range of motion exercises and some strength building exercises too. They had me put my toes on a small half cylinder of foam and lift my heels off the ground. I did 3 sets of 12 and half way into the second set my right calf cramped up so bad I had to stop and take a rest. Pretty pitiful, but the fact I was able to actually do something that stressed a muscle in my right leg was awesome.

At rehab, they have me lay down flat on my stomach to stretch out my leg and get some of that motion back. I have people at home helping me by doing the same thing. I can feel that I get a little further each time I do it, so I am going to start doing that everyday and try to move things along. Its just stretching so its not something that I am going to overdo and hurt myself.

I think I said in the last update that normal range of motion was around 125 degrees… I must have completely made that up because he told me yesterday it was around 150 degrees. I think I am around 120 degrees right now. Even at 150 though, I really won’t be happy until I can bring my heel to my butt like my other leg can do.

Everything will come back… its just slow. Thats what I keep telling myself.