I have still been walking with the brace when I leave the house but I can walk without it around the house. I was at rehab and they said it was okay but I was super nervous about it. I had visions of my knee exploding or something! It was fine though.

They let me graduate to the stationary bike and I was using that a little bit.  At first I couldn’t even get a full rotation because I was met with a super sharp pain, but I rocked forward and backwards a few times and finally got over. Once it went once I was able to go over easily and did that for about 10 minutes.

I also did some strenghtening exercises by puting a rubber band around my knees. I keep my heels together and spread my knees apart. This exercise seemed pretty easy, but I think thats how most of the rehab will go. Some will be real easy while others are real tough. Luckily this was an easy one compared to the excruciating leg lifts I had to start right after surgery.

They started stretching my leg with my laying down flat on my stomach. They can get my leg to bend more like that. I think they said I have around 110 degrees of bend right now. They said normal is around 125 degrees but I am going to need a lot more for Jiu-Jitsu. It will take some time but it will come.

My weight has dropped quite a bit… I was around 170 when I hurt my knee. I weighed myself for the first time since surgery and I am 156. I lost 14 pounds! I knew I was going to lose some weight when I saw how flabby my whole leg is, but I thought I would be a little heavier than that. All muscle in my leg is gone… quad, hamstring, calve… all gone.