Here are some pictures of me knee just 30 hours after surgery. Kind of gross, but really not too bad.

When I first woke up this morning I could feel the upper part of my thigh, but down closer to my knee was still completely numb from the nerve block. It really started to wear off around 5pm and was completely worn off by 7pm. I took these pictures just a few minutes ago after watching the UFC PPV.

I didn’t do much today as far as rehab goes. They said I could start doing leg raises right away but to really protect my knee and not mess with it until the nerve block wore off, so I just took it easy today. They said I could start putting weight on it right away as long as I kept it locked out with the brace. I can’t quite walk on it, but I can already put more weight on it than I could before surgery, so thats encouraging. I will start doing leg raises tomorrow.

I was icing it today through all of the bandaging but it really didn’t work that well with normal ice packs. A lot of people have talked about getting a cryo cuff which is basically a high tech ice pack that constantly circulates water. I didn’t get one of these though so my friend Rich is going to bring me one tomorrow. I think I would be okay with normal ice packs but the cryo sleeve should work a lot better.  Rich is a physical therapist and will help me with some other things to do as well. I am sure my doctor is on top of things but every little bit helps.

I am still taking pain medication but will try to cut it back tomorrow. I didn’t want to come off from the nerve block at the same time as the pain medication. Nerve block ended today and hopefully pain medication will end tomorrow.

I just took the following pictures maybe half an hour ago…

I think my knee looks pretty good! When I had just my meniscus done the last two times, it was a lot more swollen. Stitches seem clean and it wasn’t bleeding too bad. One of the incisions was bleeding a tiny bit but that was it. There is a pretty good sized raised bump about 3 inches below my knee though. Not sure what it is but I am sure its fine.

I am supposed to go back and see my doctor in 7 to 10 days so we will make an appointment on Monday and see whats next.