Surgery is tomorrow and it can’t get here soon enough. I am going stir crazy! I just want to get this surgery done and over with and focus on rehabbing. I guess its more or less a 4 hours ordeal from getting to there to going home. I will be down for a while afterwards… stuck in bed and not moving around at all. I am not a fan of pain medication at all, so I will take it the day of the surgery and maybe the next day and then get off them completely. I think its good feeling the pain when I do something I shouldn’t be, and I don’t want to reinjure it. On top of that, I have already promised myself I wouldn’t cry so it won’t be that bad.

I am going to document the whole rehab process from start to finish. Going to take pictures and video tomorrow of my knee when I wake up and what I can do with it, and then will keep updating my blog as I go every couple days. I know I read a LOT of what other people went through for their rehab, so I will try and go one step further with pictures and video to maybe help others down the line. It will give me something else to do as well.

Going to see the midnight showing of Watchmen tonight. I would most likely have gone tonight anyways but I really need to go tonight now if I want to see it because I think it will be a few day before I am leaving the house.