Kenny beat me, fair and square. He is the better fighter and proved it on Wednesday night. I knew I was an underdog coming in, and despite having a few good moments Kenny showed why he was the favorite.

Since this fight was announced I kept talking about Kenny’s great ground game it was ultimately my downfall. After a back and forth first round, Kenny got mount in the second and I couldn’t get him off me. I didn’t take a lot of damage while on the bottom but Kenny wasn’t going anywhere either. I got him off once, but used up a lot of energy in trying to get him off again and again.

I loved going to Colorado, but hope to never have to fight in altitude like that again. I went two and a half weeks early to get used to it and thought I was, but a fight is always worse on your body and I felt drained by the end of the first round. Coming out for the second round my legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds and it was showed.

A lot of people have been talking to me about the elbows. While some of the elbows did land to the back of the head, and I have the stitches to prove it, it didn’t affect the outcome of the fight. It certainly didn’t help having the doctor try and take care of my cut and making me bend over forward and not being able to breath but thats how it goes sometimes. The blood didn’t bother me and it wasn’t the first time I had seen my own blood. Herb Dean stood us up, but then he told us to start fighting from standing position. I am still not sure why we were started standing when I had worked for a takedown and better position, but thats not on Kenny that should be on Herb Dean.

Thanks for all of the support to everyone. I have around 2000 emails and messages to go through and about 100 missed calls on my phone. I will get back to everyone but its gonna take some time. For right now, I am gonna lay low and relax in Florida with my girlfriend.

Thanks again,