If you want to sit with everyone else at UFC78 for my fight in New Jersey, you have two options. These are for people local to Mass only.

Option 1 – Just a UFC Ticket
Get your UFC ticket through Chris Palmquist. You must get Chris your money by Monday October 1st. Tickets are $100 each. Chris needs to have the money by Monday at the absolute latest. If you are going to Untamed this weekend, this would be the best time. Chris is fighting, so buy him a victory beer and give him the money AFTER his fight.

Email Chris at chris@mma.tv

Option 2 – UFC Ticket, Hotel and Bus ride down to Newark
If you want to setup tickets, a bus ride down and a hotel, then contact Brian Conrad. Brian is going to work with anyone that wants to do the package deal. If you are going to do it through Brian, you need to have your money into him early so he can give Chris money for the Monday deadline.

The Hotel is Hilton Penn Station
Hotel costs $360 a room for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday)

Its $50 for a bus, round trip.

UFC Tickets are $100

Brian’s Number is 508-922-5499.

All of the tickets bought through Brian and Chris will be together in one large group. Brian will handle the people that want to do hotel, bus and UFC tickets… while Chris will handle the people that only want to do the UFC tickets.