There have been rumors flying around about my next fight, and who it will be against. I posted in a Tito Ortiz chat room that I would be fighting Karo Parisyan, and the rumors made it over to and other major MMA websites. Everyone has been asking about it… from kids running up to the me in a movie theatre to guys asking my trainers at their jobs. I couldn’t comment on it until now.

I indeed will be fighting Karo Parisyan at UFC78. Following in the steps of BJ Penn… I took on the “baby” nickname… I will be training in Hawaii… and now I will be fighting at 170 pounds in the Welterweight division. Part of the reason for moving to Hawaii is to not only work on my MMA training, but also to study under BJ in Burrito Consumption to help get my weight up.

All I can say to Karo is: “That Judo sh*t ain’t gonna work on me!” I have been doing some research, and apparently Karo learned quite a bit of his Judo and striking from Reggie Warren Jr. I have contacted Reggie, and he has agreed to help me train for Karo as well. The only thing he asked in exchange was that I order one of his shirts (as seen to the left). Well I placed my order over the weekend, so Karo is in trouble.
Another exciting aspect of the fight, is that the UFC has secured the Easter Bunny as a special guest referee, and the Kool Aid Man will be working my corner between rounds to keep me hydrated.

I appreciate the support from everyone… be sure to check out my myspace and add me as a friend.