The theme of this episode was "Say what you mean and mean what you say". In this week’s episode, we have all kinds of people making claims that they really don’t back up.

Wang would give a good effort in training, but a lot of times he wouldn’t be listening to instructions while training. We would be drilling, and he would not listen to advice from coaches on what to do. He would be rolling and training with people, and BJ would tell him thats good stop and he would constantly be saying "one more round, one more round, I am good". These are the things that really pissed BJ off, and that started to wear on him. Gabe told us from the first day that Andy would not listen, and would brawl. So we tried to make him more receptive in training sessions, giving him advice and telling him what to do, but it all fell on deaf ears.

BJ said "Everyone likes a winner, nobody likes a loser. Its done, I don’t care how you did". As a team we felt that Wang gave his fight away. He is great on the ground but refused to take the fight there, where Brandon is weakest. We were particularly upset because we drilled him into Wang how important it was that he take the fight to the ground, and that he needed to follow the game plan. Going into the fight, we were hopeful that he would work to get the fight on the ground, but we all knew he wouldn’t. This left a real sour taste in everyone mouth, particularly the coaches. Wang was apologizing to us, and then in the next breath talking about how it was a great fight and he "left it all in the cage". At one point, one of the producers was talking to us in the back room, and all Andy cared about was what the producer thought of the fight, and if Dana liked the fight. "I hope Dana liked my fight." "It was a good fight." "I left it all in the cage." This is all we heard out of Wang when he wasn’t apologizing. BJ respects guys winning fights… not guys giving the fight away in an attempt to be ballsy. If Wang had listened, the fight would have gone much differently.

I think my fight was kind of a tipping point on everything with Wang. We had two guys that should win their fights…. one didn’t listen and he lost his fight, while the other listened and won convincingly. I think my fight showed BJ what Wang’s fight could have been, and it was salt in the wound to sit there and watch Wang talk about his fight and how "good" it was. There was nothing good about it… he lost. Winning is all that matters, and he didn’t win. End of story.

BJ acted like the general that Dana wanted, and took control of the team. He saw Wang as a problem within the team, and he got rid of him. I thought it was a little harsh, but the way things were going, something needed to change. At first, I thought it was a joke. I was sitting on the mat taping up my ankle and laughing to myself about the whole thing. I started working out with Reagan and I kept telling him "I put nothing past you guys" and then he started laughing at me, telling me it was real. I really didn’t believe it until Dana showed up, and then I was like "Oh shit… its not a joke".

I can understand why Wang didn’t want to go to Team Pulver, because the two teams really did start to click at this point. Everyone got along, but team spirit was very apparent. In particular, our team had really started to come together now that Gabe was gone. Practices were much better, and everyone just got behind each other a lot more.

The ironic part of the whole thing was Rob Emerson. Rob had lost two fights, but gave his 100% in everything from training to his fights. At the same time, he had been taking it easy because he was out for sure…. there was no way he would get a third chance before someone else got a second. So while Andy was getting kicked out for not giving 100%, Rob was riding a scooter around the gym, with a beer in hand and a cup duct taped to his scooter filled with Reese’s Pieces. You just had to laugh at the whole situation.

Then we have Wayne Weems. Not to take a shot at Weems, but I think of everyone in the house, he was the most technically behind. Wayne came from a wrestling background, but had pretty much zero Jiu-Jitsu or striking. I didn’t get a chance to work out with him because we were in different groups for evaluations, and he was on Team Pulver. From talking with a few of the other guys though, his wrestling wasn’t the best either. If you only have one strength, it has to be really good. You can’t be one dimensional and not have it be really strong. We all saw Weems as one of the weakest from Team Pulver and Gray was one of the strongest from Team Penn. We were super confident about Gray’s fight, and you can see why. Weems had this confidence about him that you don’t see a lot. When someone shows that kind of confidence they either know something you don’t, or are delusional. For Weems, he was delusional. He lost the fight, but he fought hard and never gave up. He was just outclassed. The only thing that bothered me about Weems was after his fight when he was in the kitchen, and he started ranting. "He never hurt me." "I would kill that guy, this is bullshit!" It went on for a while, and you couldn’t help but laugh. When its a real close fight, you can complain. When its a borderline early stoppage, you can complain. When you are dropped with the first punch, out positioned, pounded endlessly and show no sign of accomplishing anything… you really don’t have any room to complain about a stoppage. Wayne said he would still be fighting if it were up to him. Fortunately for him, it was stopped, because otherwise he would still be in that same position and eating punches with no sign of getting out. Everyone gets emotional after a loss though, so its not a big deal. The technical ability wasn’t there, but the heart surely was. You can’t teach heart, but you can always work on technique.

And of course… Mr. Indestructible Marlon Sims. Marlon claimed a lot of things. Of everything he said, I saw two things that were true. He said he was a great cook, which he was. The guy can cook! The best meals made in that house was stuff Marlon made. He said he was a chef in some restaurant, and I wouldn’t find that hard to believe. He backed that "story" up. Thats 1 real story.

Another feat Marlon claimed he could do, was eat a spoon full of cinnamon. Everyone was saying no way, so Gabe bet him 100 dollars, but Marlon did it. We didn’t have any money in the house, but Gabe was supposed to pay up at the finale. Whether he will or not, I have no idea. But Marlon did it, even when we all thought he was full of shit. Thats 2 real stories.

After that… it ends for Mr. Indestructible. Lets start with the nickname. He claimed he had never been knocked out by a human being. That was false, and was actually proven while on the show. I’m not sure if you can tell, but there is a peg board in the gym, that had large wooden dowel pegs. You could climb up the wall by putting the pegs in holes that were higher and higher. During one of the Team Pulver practices, Marlon was using the pegboard and started talking to someone and looking over his shoulder. When his shoulder leaned back, the peg came out and he nailed himself in the face with the peg board, knocking him out, and he had to go and get stitches. It was actually questionable if he would even be cleared to fight because of the cut. Fortunately, he it didn’t affect him being able to fight. I am calling shenanigans though… so we have 2-1 in favor of real stories.

Baseball. Marlon claimed that he would have gone on to play professional baseball, if he hadn’t thrown out his shoulder. He supposedly threw a baseball 93 miles per hour. I am calling bullshit on this one.

Street Fights. Marlon had a million stories on street fights, and how he would face 7 guys at once, and would beat them all and would never be hurt. Now if this were true, he would have to be fighting hordes of 5 year olds. Unfortunately for him, he was talking grown adults. To have 300 or more street fights and not once get hit with a blind shot, or have someone pull a gun or knife? I am calling bullshit on this one too.

His chipped tooth. He had two explanation for the same chip in his tooth. At one point he told us it was from a fight, and another time it was from crashing his motorcycle. Contradicting stories for the same chipped tooth… has to be a fake. Thats 2 real stories, and 4 fakes for those of you keeping count.

Motorcycle races. Andy Wang brought up how he had a bike that he rode at home, so in true Marlon fashion about having to outdo any story, he started talking about how he rode motorcycles professionally. I’m calling fake on this one too.

Thats 2 real stories, and 5 fake ones so far. But the best is about how is the most "lethal striker" and the hardest hitting guy in the house. He did a lot of talking about how he knocks people out and noone could stand with him. Then what happens when he fights? He comes out with a ridiculous stance, and is dropped with the first punch that Matt throws. Matt jumps on his back and chokes him out. Marlon talks about how it was a lucky punch. There is no such thing as a lucky punch, unless luck is Matt waiting for Marlon to drop his right hand and then hitting him on the chin.

My count is now 6 fake and 2 real… so maybe Marlon shouldn’t tell so many stories.