This week on the Gabe show should have been called "Desperate measures for an attention whore". The house was filled with guys who wanted to win, and were there to do just that. For some, there were others reasons for being in the house. At one point or another, everyone from coaches to team mates within Team Penn were questioning why Gabe was on the show. Our Geico Caveman, Tony desouza, was the most outspoken of our coaches in questioning Gabe’s motives. If you are in the house to win the show, you need every opportunity you have to improve and learn from your coaches. Someone that wants to win, doesn’t skip out on training sessions to go and get a colonic. I think when Gabe first asked about getting it done, he didn’t anticipate cameras following him in and focusing on his face while he had stuff put up his ass. Looking back, the few extra minutes of camera time may not have been worth all of his self respect and the respect of others. Whoever says no press is bad press hasn’t had a tube stuck up their ass on national television.

Corey is a mad man, in a good way. I have been hearing from a lot of people that really don’t like him and can’t wait for someone to fight him. Corey is just real high energy, and has no grasp of going slow. Everyone on his team would talk about how doing anything with Corey is like fighting for your life. Those guys are great for training, but they are also the guys you stay away from as you get closer to a fight because you can’t afford to get hurt.

Thongs in the house. Whoever thought bringing thongs to a reality show should be shot. Brandon Melendez and Robert Emerson BOTH brought thongs to the house, and one afternoon were running around in them. Why???

This week we had another Team Pulver fight, and Nate chose Robert Emerson. Nate is "tough as nais" as Dana put it, just like his older brother Nick who fights in the UFC. Last week we saw Nate getting upset at Emerson about writing "Suck it Team Pulver" on the walls. I really respect Nate for picking Emerson over the writing, as opposed to just yelling and arguing and then choosing an easier fight. Nate says what he means and means what he says. Nate and Emerson both went into their fight looking to win, and neither was intimidated in the least. When the fight happened, it was one of the best fights I had seen. After I watched this weeks episode, I watched the fight two more times. The fight was that good! Round 1 was pretty close and I after watching it live I thought Rob had it, and then I thought Nate had round 2. After watching the tape, I think Nate had both rounds, which really doesn’t even matter because Nate got the submission at the end of round 2. Talking about the fight in the back room after, Robert didn’t realize there were only about 15 seconds left in the fight. It looks like Nate would have won a decision anyways, but its kind of depressing when you lose a fight so close to the end of a round. You are always questioning yourself, "Could I have lasted a few more seconds?"

Dana was super impressed with this fight. Its refreshing to see two fighters go out there and put everything on the line to win, and not play it safe. When you have two guys who just want to finish the other guy, you always have exciting fights. You can look forward to more fights like this weeks in the coming weeks.