Episode 2 started with the Allen coming back into the house. He gathered everyone together like he was getting ready to say good bye, and then he says "If any of you guys get hurt, I’m still here." So while everyone was led to believe they had seen the end of the Lobstah, we learn that we will all be subjected to even more of the horrible accent. As Allen always tells us "The accent sells lobstahs".

Gabe and Wiman are having some problems. For whatever reason, Gabe is looking for excuses to have problems with Matt. Gabe out of nowhere starts attacking Matt and continues it even after Matt has left. Matt just wants to be done with it and not let fighting within his own team be a distraction. it didn’t matter what was going on, Gabe would jump at any chance to have problems with Matt. We could be at the house, in the van, training… it really didn’t matter. At times when we should be sticking together as a team to help whoever was fighting next, Gabe was starting trouble to steal the attention of the camera. It is pretty beyond our control as team mates to settle the problems, so bring it to BJ’s attention. We tell him how Matt will let it die, but Gabe is constantly finding new issues to have with Matt. We had a meeting as a team, and we basically agree to keep Matt and Gabe away from one another in training, and they just ignore each other around the house. Matt and Gabe are both ready to fight each other in training, but this is doing nothing more than costing us valuable training time. BJ reminds us that we are all we have for support on the show and we should be focused on fighting the Team Pulver guys.

We have the second fight selection in this episode. Team Pulver has control, but BJ has plans of his own. When we show up at the gym, BJ and Rudy are telling us all about the book "The Art of War" and how they want to try and influence Team Pulver’s fight pick . Corey was barking and grunting at team selections like a mascot, so we figure if Rob calls him out, he will have to accept the challenge. So while its their pick, we get a fight that we want. When Dana asks Team Pulver who they want to fight, Rob right away starts talking to Corey, "With all that barking you did, you better pick me. All that hooting and hollering you did, you better back it up. All that barking, show me the bite. You’re a dog. Let do it." Jens cut everything off though, and they stuck to their gameplan. Manny called out Noah saying, "I don’t like any of you guys, but there is only one that I hate". We really want to try and turn the tide, and get control of the team picks back. We need to do everything we can to prepare Noah for Manny. We don’t know a whole lot about Manny, but we are sure he fights a lot like his cousin Karo (another UFC fighter). The Team Pulver guys definitely seem like they have more of a tight knit team atmosphere. They don’t have team mates picking fights around the house or in the van. They are getting the most of their training time while we are trying to keep Gabe and Matt apart.

We got so bored in that house. We ended up on roofs and all kinds of other places. We would try anything to keep ourselves entertained. At one point, Rob sees some girls riding on horseback, and convinces them to come around to the front the house. This was fine, until the horse slipped on the driveway and couldn’t get up. I was sleeping during all of this, but it was the talk of the house for about a week about how Rob almost killed a horse.

Again, trying to fight the boredom, we are looking for something to do to kill time. On one of the walls in the house, we find a shield, and someone has the bright idea: Lets have someone hold the shield, and throw stuff at them. The first thing we thought to throw was one of the spears that hold the tiki torches in the backyard. Rob was fully ready to hold the shield for whatever we wanted to throw at him. Gabe is ready to throw a spear and I tell him its a better idea to throw this ball of duct tape that we made. Now I played baseball in high school, and I stopped when I started fighting. Thats for a very good reason: I can’t throw something straight to save my life. I nailed Rob right in the balls (however you want to word that). At once, we all dropped to our knees. Rob dropped because he just took one in the junk, and all of us because we feel for him and are laughing our asses off. We can hardly breath to even talk about it.

We asked for markers to write on walls and other stuff, so we wrote on one wall in the house "Team Penns supports and loves the troops". Rob took it upon himself to go into the pool house and write "Suck it Team Pulver". Now most of our team didn’t even know what Rob had put on the wall. Nate and Manny took major offense to it. They both felt saying anything about Team Pulver was a direct attack on them. It started off as killing time messing around, and almost turned into a fight in the house. Manny in particular wasted a lot of energy just screaming, yelling and ranting for a few hours, when he should be in bed sleeping because he has to fight the next day.

Manny sings, all the freaking time.

The fight between Manny and Noah, we didn’t really know what to expect. We somewhat expected a lightweight version of Karo, and that was what we got. The fight started off bad for him when he got dropped, Manny came in throwing bombs, passed Noah’s guard and got the submission. I think Noah was just completely overwhelmed. He came out of the fight saying: "If you don’t get off first, you may not get off at all". He is 100% right, and thats the case in a lot of fights.