Jens and BJ legitimately hate each other. There will be no love loss when they fight again.

Before evaluations and team picks, we talked within the house on who everyone wanted to have for coaches. Pretty much everyone in the house wanted to be on BJ’s team, with the exception of Wayne Weems that wanted to be on Jens’ team (he is from Miletich already). Some people said they would be happy on either team, but the general idea within the house was "I want to be with BJ". A lot of people were saying to me "How can Jens show you anything? You already knocked him out". Thats really not the case though… I will learn absolutely everything I can from anyone. Jens and I fought, but that didn’t even matter. Had I been put on his team, I would have been listening as much or more than anyone else there. I would have taken every opportunity to learn from whichever coach I was with.

If I had a choice, I wanted to be on BJ’s team. Some people will look at it as disrespect to Jens, but thats not it. Jens style is to stay on his feet and trade standing, while BJ is a BJJ black belt and is world class on the ground against absolutely anyone. He is a more diverse fighter as well. He can stand and trade with people, or he can take them down. He has great wrestling and is happy no matter where he is. For me, thats the kind of guy that I want to work out with.

When BJ told us to raise our hands, it was the highest tension situation I have ever been in. First of all, we have to make a decision on which team we want to be on, knowing that we could be put on a team we don’t want to be on. Jens was standing there talking about how 10 people raised their hands but only 8 could be with BJ, so he couldn’t wait to spar with the two guys that didn’t want to be on his team but were "stuck" with him. He said he was going to just beat on those guys everyday until they left or quit. As I was standing there with my hand up, and BJ is shooting me smirking glances, and I knew he was going to pick me.

I thought for sure Gabe was going to be the first pick. He came in out of shape and way overweight. Everyone else in the house was ready to make weight the first day, but Gabe was the heaviest. If I were on Team Pulver, I would have been pushing hard to pick Gabe first, because everyone in the house knew he was the most over and would have the toughest time cutting weight. If you give him more time, he can do the right things to make the cut easier as you give him more time. If you have to make 155, you need to be around 170 at most…. and thats pushing it. The first ten pounds come easily, and then it gets tough and you have to fight for every pound. I think Allen Berube said it best: "You just gotta start giving 100% in the kitchen." This made Gabe start crying, which we kind of took as Gabe looking for some more camera time.

Cole and Monstah Lobstah were the first fight. I knew Cole before the show a little bit. I had met him a few times and talked to him a bunch. Cole is a real good Jiu-Jitsu guy but doesn’t have the best standup or wrestling. Monstah has good pretty good wrestling and boxing, so we thought if we kept him off the ground he would do okay. Monstah is a lot shorter than Cole, so he had to watch out for the reach advantage as well. It was a tough fight for Monstah, but it was one of the better match ups for him.

We went with the Braveheart face paint before Monstah’s fight. We were bored out of our minds, so it seemed like a great idea at the time. Our biggest issue in the house was boredom, so the face paint helped that a little bit.

The fight with Cole and Monstah seemed a lot closer when it was actually happening. When it was actually happening, it seemed like they were on the ground longer and the triangle didn’t come so quickly.

Cole was crying in the cage after the fight. It just shows the kind of emotion that goes into training for a fight. I think it was a little dramatic for winning a fight, but everyone handles their emotions differently.