"Big Wang in a little pond" – Noah

"I survived season 5!" – Wang

"I could run hilo with this!" – BJ, talking about how he got into Jiu-Jitsu

"Gray was the first pick…. Gray pisses excellence." – Wiman

"Sweep him here bro, and then kill him" – BJ

"I’ve pulled anal beads out of my own ass" – Brandon

"Guys that like to train: train; guys that don’t: lose" – Rudy

"I ain’t touching no weener to get pussy" – Nate

"Never Tap! Put yourself in the worst position and get your head caved in before you tap!" – BJ

"Thats my kryptonite" – Wiman

"10 wongs dont make a Wang" – BJ

"I’m a professional" – Wang

"When I was little, I used to think elbowing a guy in the spine would paralyze him for 30 seconds" – BJ

"Fuck with me, you fuck with the best"

"Fighting is 50% technique, 50% strength" – BJ

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all"

"What are you gonna do, judo throw me?" – Emerson to Manny

"I hope I get you in the next round… and you see him? [Points to Geraghty] Thats your fate" – Joe, to Cole

"Advanced Basics, thats all it is" – BJ

"I smashed Vitor with this" – Randy

"2 or 3 head bouncers are better than 20 rabbit punches" – Randy

"Champions are made in the off-season" – BJ

"Your reflexes are great huh, but your base and posture are the worst" – Reagan, to Joe

"If you don’t get off first, you may not get off at all" – Noah

"I can make the weight; I’ve never missed it before" – Gabe

"You guys were acting like a bunch of high school retards" – Dana, about everyone watching Noah and Marlon fight

"Your style is like a tornado, just smashing everything" – Rudy, to Joe

"Fortune favors the bold" – BJ

"Pride rules bitch!" – Marlon right before he soccer kicked Noah in the head

"Not on the concrete!" – Noah, as he tried to break Marlon’s arm, who dropped him on his head on concrete

"He’s beaten a lot of good guys; but those guys weren’t me" – Enson

"This fight is so much fun!" – Cole, while getting ground and pounded in round 1

BJ: "Set Hooks!"
[Joe knees Cole hard in the thigh]
BJ: Forget the hooks! Keep doing that!

"Posture, base and posture" – Tony, about anything

"Impose your will" – Tony

Matt: "I was thinking: Be smart and get off first"
BJ: "Forget being smart! Just get off first!"

"He’s breaking, he’s already broken. Be Strong. Go out there and finish him!" – BJ, to Joe after round 1.

"Tony… Reagan" [Motions towards the door] – BJ

"Ice is like magic huh" – BJ

"B… if anyone gets injured… I’ll be ready" – Gabe, as he is being wheeled out on a stretcher after failing to make weight

"Bump and Cover" – Tony, about stopping the shot and getting to the front headlock

Reagan: "You’re real strong huh"
Joe: "We say that to guys that suck and muscle everything"
[Reagan laughs]

Tony: "Right now your 100% is here…"
[Holds hand at waist level]
Tony: "But over time, your 100% will go up to here…"
[Holds hand at chest level]
Tony: "And it will keep going up."
[Holds hand at shoulder level, and then eye level]

"All I ask if that you give me 100%" – BJ

"Is that your 100?" – BJ

"This one is the best huh" – BJ, all the time, and about every move he likes

"Never stop learning… always pursue knowledge" – BJ

"Move and train somewhere for a year or a year and a half… then go somewhere else. Thats how you be the best" – BJ

"You always have to sacrifice something to win; sacrifice your face" – BJ

"No more speeches" – BJ

"Say what you mean and mean what you say" – BJ

"In you’re not first… you’re last (you suck" – BJ

"You can tell the strength of a man by the size of his appetite" – BJ

"Pure luck it was" – BJ, as he takes Wiman’s back