Green Shamrock JL Shirts

When I fought last weekend at UFC 118, all of my friends and family were wearing some green shamrock shirts that I had printed up. If I had known how popular they were going to be, I would have printed up a ton more and sold them at the UFC Fan Expo. There has been an overwhelming demand for them so I decided to sell them on here. I have a ton of large in stock but only a few of the other sizes right now. I will have plenty of the other sizes by next week though, so I will ship the ones I can this week and will ship out the rest by Friday September 10th once I have the others printed.

When you choose your size, let me know if you want them signed as well and I will take care of it for you.

For people that are international, send an email to and let me know what you want and your address… and we will work it out.

Mens Shirts are: Gildan, Pre-Shrunk, 100% Cottom

Men's Front
Men's Back

T-Shirts Sales are Stopped for right now because I can’t be dealing with shipping shirts when I should be training. I am working on a new way to get this all done though so stay tuned.

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